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Moving image



Moving image

We committed to original ideas that make people think and feel. We direct, animate, design, shoot, illustrate, and edit stories that stay with audiences long after they’ve left the screen.

Talking heads, stock footage, location shoots, brand and culture videos, employee comms: we help solve tough business challenges through fresh and unexpected creative solutions. From titles and graphics to stylized animation, we develop distinct visuals that tap into every emotion.

From original ideas through to finished production, we find new and authentic ways to connect with audiences across all channels. Living in a mobile first world, we create content for all digital platforms and allow audiences to connect with brand stories wherever they are.

Get in touch:
Sally Eggeling, Director
+44 (0)20 8618 2807


Investor engagement

We develop corporate and reporting narratives.

digital CONTENT

We manage social media and make websites.


We create, evolve and design brands.