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Looks matter


… and 2019 is looking good

Let’s be blunt about this: looks matter. You can be the cleverest, trendiest, kindest company around; but unless your brand looks the part, you don’t stand a chance.

By Christopher Onderstall | Director & Partner

Of course, the clever/trendy/kind stuff is important, more than important. It’s your purpose, the essence of who you are. Our argument is, there is no point doing it, if you don’t show it.

The world’s most powerful brands - Google, Apple, Amazon – realised this long ago. Their brand identity has always been a vital reflection of who they are; they don’t have one written corporate purpose and one visual brand purpose, they have one overarching mission that seeps into everything they do, everything they think and everything they create.

2019 is the year everyone else needs to do the same. Far too many brands are still relying on stock images or idealised brand libraries to try and reflect who they are, but no one is fooled. The consumer is savvy, they’ve been inundated with branded images for years and they instantly know what is authentic and what is a tired, generic ‘this will do’.

But it won’t do. A corporate purpose needs to go beyond just words to achieve meaningful employee buy-in and customer understanding – after all, one picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why FHF’s new Visual Purpose offering connects directly with our Corporate Purpose team to create one holistic experience, unifying purpose communications and building omnipresent brands.

It’s a new challenge, but we’re excited. With the right look, 2019 is looking good.