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Whose responsibility is it anyway?

You will be hard pressed to find a brand whose values don’t at least acknowledge the importance of acting responsibly towards the environment. We ask companies to fulfill their brand promises, but that must start with us.

By Sophie Campbell | Producer, Creative Studio

With a world that is changing faster than we can turn back the clock, and a need to turn back the clock to save the natural world, what can we do as a business and individually? Become vegetarians you say? Go plastic free? Turn fully digital? Well yes, but this seems all so drastic a change to our businesses and lives. We can start to take small steps in our offices towards a better planet without sacrificing creature comfits.

Six ways we can easily reduce our carbon footprint and help realize the environmental brand promise:

  1. One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure, you may think that old office laptop or shop-floor phone you are using is ready for the bin but are you sure it doesn’t have another life in someone else’s hands after you? Your IT department can recycle and upcycle old machines for a new user in the office without having to add to the e-waste buried in landfills. If it is completely kaput perhaps turn it into a lovely piece of art?

  2. Get onto Ecosia as your main search engine! Every internet search you do on Ecosia helps to plant trees that offset our carbon footprint and benefits environments’ and communities that need the most help.

  3. We all love our furry friends so why not save our lunch break scraps for them. We can create food scrap bins in the office that can be handed over to local farmers (shout out to the Hackney City Farm in London), or we can start composting for indoor plants/veggie gardens.

  4. Print responsibly, do you need a physical copy? Can you use recycled materials? Are you sure you need that many copies? Most offices now have TV screens in every meeting room, let’s put them to good use and lose the printouts!

  5. BYO (Bring your own)  Meat-free dish Mondays! Not only can we reduce our collective carbon emissions this way, but we can bond with colleagues over a tofurky lunch-time event.

  6. Try or encourage working from home and get on yah bike for your commute. When you don’t have meetings or commitments that require you to be sat at your desk in the office why not work from home?

Currently companies output trash the size of a small island every year, but we can affect real change in our societies, if we each had one day each week where we collectively didn’t eat meat then our usual lunchtime sandwich suppliers would start to reflect this habit in their stock, resulting in a reduced need for animal farming and thus less carbon emissions. We are all investors. Together we can achieve anything, let’s all invest in our planet’s future. Let’s be the brand.