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Why re-branding is a good thing

For many, a brand is a company’s logo and colour palette. Of course, a brand is much more than that. In reality, a brand is the image or idea people have in mind when thinking about your company. It is something that people connect with on an emotional level. Your brand should encompass the experience you want your audience to have with your company. Is it time you re-brand?

By James Shirley | Creative Director | Creative Studio

A good brand embodies what your company does, how and why you do it. A great brand seeks to establish credibility and trust. In this brave new (and unfortunately critical) world, you need your brand to engage with audiences that potentially you haven’t had to connect with before – be it consumers, current and future employees and customers, investors and even the those in the media. And because the direction of your company will inevitably change over time, so should your brand.

A re-brand shouldn’t be seen as a new lick of paint, a vanity project or a sign that something isn’t going right within your company -though this can also be a great trigger to look at your brand and story, see Uber’s new identity and campaign. A re-brand is a clear signal that you are changing with the environment and meeting the new challenges that brings. In this tumultuous political and business landscape we find ourselves in, a re-brand reaffirms who you are, what you stand for, and how you are evolving. We call this your brand story.

You may have noticed a few companies re-branding in response to new circumstances. For example Halifax, in response to external competition from challenger banks such as Monzo and Starling Bank, coupled with changing attitudes and behaviours of a younger more digitally focused audience. Here, they have built a new brand story that combines a strategy of ‘fintech meets humanity’ with a simpler, brighter and bolder identity to evolve with this ever changing landscape. They have also pivoted their brand story to make it more considered, accessible and richer to a wider and more diverse audience. A pretty bold approach for a banking institution with over 160 years of history.

We believe that brands that have great stories at their heart, connect with their audiences, new and old, on a practical, personal and emotional level. We also believe that when you align your visual identity to your story, and when you deliver this story consistently and coherently across numerous touch-points, your brand will compel people to believe and engage with it. Whether it be to invest time or money or join your workforce to be part of who you are and what you do.