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The landscape is changing, don’t be left behind.

Written, sound and visual forms have been used to communicate since the dawn of time, but the landscape and audiences are changing so we need to adapt with it. Used properly, those forms of communication can unite people. Without proper consideration, it can divide. 

By Claire Barry | Brand Marketing & Consumer, Youth + Culture and FH LIVE Experience

In an ever-changing digital world, with emerging technology and new audiences to reach, addressing the challenges you face to protect and future-proof your brand are paramount. Making sense of marketers’ jargon and knowing how to use different platforms to attract different people, can seem like we’re talking another language, so keep it simple.

Here are some of the ways you can consider to effectively define your brand narrative and visual branding to communicate to people and investors -

People don’t trust businesses, they trust people
We hear this all the time… so our ‘Thinking and Sharing Squad’ helps businesses to connect people in your industry - your investors - to your potential buyers. Talking of your latest product launch or news announcement is important but it can be a ‘hit and run’, where your point can become pointless. Go beyond this moment in time by showing up in unexpected places to showcase the positive ethos of your mission: get your CEO on a panel outside of your usual sector; show up at events you’d not normally be seen at and just talk to people… as people. Simple.

Influencing the influencers
Love or hate the term, there are people of influence who can truly impact your business. Influencers are everywhere, whether you are influencing an audience of B2B, B2C or B2E, identifying the right Instagrammer, politician, healthcare professional or employee is key to being truly influential. Before working with any one of potential influence, go through a rigorous screening process because, if you get the upfront right, the dividends can be huge. 

Don’t be the bore at the party. Create experiences over events
We've seen the emergence of the desire for escapism and, with people being busier than ever before, you really need to capture their attention. Craft experiences that give them a reason to join your party and a reason to also remember why they were there. Trays of bottomless bubbles at an event no longer cuts it. People want access and firsts: trying the latest fitness trend; experiencing Virtual Realty; or hearing and learning something new from an expert. Be the creators of an experience. It’s all in the detail.

Know Your Audience(s)
Baby Boomers, Millennials, Gen Z, Gen X, Gen Alpha… talk to the full alphabet at the right time, in the right way. Do your homework to see what makes your audience tick to form your initial insight. A well-thought out and powerful insight is the foundation of any communications strategy. 

Status Anxiety
Diversity, inclusion, body positivity, mental health, Brexit, #Metoo… these are all hot topics but don’t be ‘me three’ to appear more ethical and enlightened than the rest.  Don’t join a conversation you have no right to join. Define your authentic brand narrative to talk to audiences in a way that makes them believe, and trust, you.