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Business to Business

A lot has been written recently about the purchasing habits and changing attitudes of the millennial generation. Statistics like the fact that 93% of millennials want to buy brands that have a ‘purpose beyond a product’ are making businesses sit up and think. But, what if your business is not a consumer products business? What if your business is B2B, for example? You’d be forgiven for asking yourself the question, why should I care about what millennials think, given I don’t really sell them anything?

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ESG and impact investing

Communicators have an enormous role to play in helping companies communicate with investors around responsibility, and this month FleishmanHillard Fishburn hosted the PRCA’s Investment Sector Group for its ‘The Future of ESG & Impact Investing’ event. The evening – which brought together leading investors, policy experts and communications professionals from S&P Trucost, Barclays, Diageo and the PRI – saw lively and engaging discussion about the future development of ESG investing.

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We are the 76%

The investor class - the 1% - is waking up and speaking out on a bigger business agenda - purpose. They are joined in their journey by a generation on the ascendancy – the millennials. Why should investors and employers care? Because by 2025 will make up 75 per cent of the world’s working population.

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Bye bye CSR

The biggest social issues of tomorrow that will define purposeful businesses are automation and AI (56%), mental health (40%) and gender diversity (30%), according to our inaugural Purpose Trends Report, where we asked senior decision makers at FTSE 100s on the value of purpose. In contrast, only 9% of business respondents believe that delivering the SDGs will drive purpose within corporates.

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