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Work to live or live to work?

Regardless of your answer, the issue at the heart of this debate is pure and simple. Money.  True, we might work for love, passion, or status, to validate our existence or make us feel fulfilled. But ultimately, most of us work because we need to put a roof over our heads and fund a certain lifestyle. 

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Instagram rules

Last year, Instagram hit a staggering one billion active users and it is currently seeing growth of 5% per quarter, generating more than $5.48 billion in advertising revenue – providing one of Facebook’s biggest sources of revenue growth. But while these may be compelling figures, what exactly does a photo sharing social media platform have to do with your investors?

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ESG in action

Last week Helena Morrissey head of personal investing at Legal and General – which manages a staggering $1.2 trillion in funds – announced the firm was prepared to pull investment from companies that won’t act on climate change. They are the latest big money manager to flex its substantial financial clout on sustainable issues – following the precedent set by Blackrock’s Larry Fink. But why now?

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Purpose & money

Ten years ago this February, Northern Rock was nationalised by the then-Labour government, a pivotal moment in the global financial crisis. In the decade of recovery since we have been experiencing one of biggest bull runs in recent memory. But for many, the last ten years has painted a very different picture.

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