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We are the 76%

The investor class - the 1% - is waking up and speaking out on a bigger business agenda - purpose. They are joined in their journey by a generation on the ascendancy – the millennials. Why should investors and employers care? Because by 2025 will make up 75 per cent of the world’s working population.

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GPG: you ready?

As we start to review gender pay gap data again for the next reporting cycle in April, many are likely thinking about how to avoid the spotlight, with the hope that other items on the UK news agenda – namely Brexit – will remain the focus.

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There is a growing recognition that reporting communication isn’t just about producing reports, it’s about connecting with all your investors. We’ve created three solid, tips to help get more out of your annual report.

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Mix it up

It’s no secret that large organisations with traditional hierarchies are increasingly being buffeted by disruptive competition and dynamic markets. There’s a strong argument to suggest traditional structures are no longer fit for purpose.

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Bye bye CSR

The biggest social issues of tomorrow that will define purposeful businesses are automation and AI (56%), mental health (40%) and gender diversity (30%), according to our inaugural Purpose Trends Report, where we asked senior decision makers at FTSE 100s on the value of purpose. In contrast, only 9% of business respondents believe that delivering the SDGs will drive purpose within corporates.

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ESG in action

Last week Helena Morrissey head of personal investing at Legal and General – which manages a staggering $1.2 trillion in funds – announced the firm was prepared to pull investment from companies that won’t act on climate change. They are the latest big money manager to flex its substantial financial clout on sustainable issues – following the precedent set by Blackrock’s Larry Fink. But why now?

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Purpose & money

Ten years ago this February, Northern Rock was nationalised by the then-Labour government, a pivotal moment in the global financial crisis. In the decade of recovery since we have been experiencing one of biggest bull runs in recent memory. But for many, the last ten years has painted a very different picture.

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